Tappy Tally

A simple way to keep a tally of whatever you want, whenever you need. No more scraps of paper or smudged tally marks.


  • A large button to increment your count, no matter your reach.
  • Another button to decrement your count, if you ever need.
  • A simple control to adjust the increment/decrement value, allowing you to count by any number between 1 and 100.
  • Share a saved tally via message, email, or any app on the share sheet.
  • Continuing counting with a previously saved tally.

Need to keep track of how many people attend your event each time? Or how many cars entered through the main gate of your charity event? How about keeping track of inventory? Whatever the need, Tappy Tally is a simple, easy way to count.

“How?” you might ask.

Just tap the add button and you’re ready to go. Tap anywhere on the large button to increment your tally. When you’ve finished counting, tap done. At that point, everything is saved. If needed, you can name the tally, change the date, or add a comment.

Download Tappy Tally on the App Store