How to add SF Mono to Font Book on macOS

With the release of macOS Sierra and Xcode 8 in September 2016, Apple introduced a gorgeous new font, SF Mono.

While looking to tweak some of the Editor Settings in Atom, I noticed the option to specify the name of the font family used for editor text. I love using SF Mono in Xcode and thought I’d give it a try in Atom. I entered SF Mono in the Font Family field and quickly realized that Atom did not recognize the font.

I confirmed the reason was that SF Mono was not in Font Book. How, then, was Xcode able to use SF Mono? After turning to Google for an answer, I learned that SF Mono was bundled with Xcode. Here’s the file path:


In just 5 steps, you can add the SF Mono typeface files to Font Book on your Mac. To do so, you’ll need to have Xcode 8+ already installed on your Mac. Once you’ve added the typeface files to Font Book, you can use SF Mono with any Mac app that supports changing the font family.
Ready? Let’s begin.

  1. Open Terminal.
  2. In Terminal, enter the following command. This will copy the SF Mono typeface files from Xcode to your Downloads folder.
    cp /Applications/* ~/Downloads/
    With Xcode 9, the name of the typeface files was slightly modified:
    cp /Applications/* ~/Downloads/
  3. Open Font Book.
  4. In Font Book, select Add Fonts… from the File menu.
  5. Using the file picker, navigate to your Downloads folder, select the typeface files, and click the Open button.

That’s it!

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