Visual Sleep Timer 2.0 Released

Just released Visual Sleep Timer 2.0 with a new look and some great features:

  • Added a music player. Now you can start your child’s bedtime songs from within the app.
  • Updated the timer. Now you can set it for any duration between 00:01 and 23:59!
  • Updated the app design and colors. Now you can use the app in any orientation.
  • Moved the parental gate. Now it is required to access the Settings.
  • Other under the hood improvements.

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Tappy Tally 4.0 Released

Just released Tappy Tally 4.0 with a new look and some great features:

  • Added a new step (-/+) control to the count screen for adjusting the increment/decrement. Now you can count by 5, 10, or any other number between 1 and 100!
  • Added a new button to the count screen for decrementing your count.
  • Added a new button to the tally detail screen for continuing a previously saved count.
  • Added a new help button to the count and tally detail screens for displaying helpful tips on the respective screen.
  • In progress counts are now saved if the app is quit or device is restarted.
  • Other under the hood improvements.

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Tappy Tally 3.0 Released

Just released Tappy Tally 3.0 with the following updates / new features:

  • Complete redesign from the ground up.
  • Now you can share a tally via message, email, or however you’d like.
  • Now you can delete multiple tallies at one time.
  • Now you can scroll when saving or viewing a tally in the detail view. Great for those who still have a 4-inch or smaller iPhone.

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Introducing Visual Sleep Timer

I built Visual Sleep Timer for use with my three daughters, ages 5, 6, and 8, two of which have been diagnosed with ASD. For months, my wife and I struggled with one or more of them getting out of bed before they should.

Our eldest thought that if she woke up and could see light coming in through the curtains, it was okay to get up. Sometimes that light was coming from the neighbor’s house, other times it was sunlight from the 6:00am sunrise. Regardless of the light source, it was usually too early to get up.

When she would get up, she’d either turn on the TV and watch her favorite shows on Netflix, waking up her parents, or turn on her bedroom light, waking up her sisters since they share the room. Oftentimes, her sisters would join her instead of trying to go back to sleep. Later in the day, one or more of our daughters would complain that she was tired and that she got up too early because one of her sisters woke her up.

We tried various methods (charts, rewards, extra privileges, etc.) to get them to stay in bed, but none of them worked for very long. We also looked for an app in the App Store, but couldn’t find anything that met our needs.

That is when I decided to make our own app for iPad. Although we went through several versions of Visual Sleep Timer before we decided on releasing the version we did, our daughters love the app and look forward to staying in bed each night.

While this has not been a cure all, one or more will occasionally still get out of bed early, there has been significant improvement in our daughters staying in bed until they can get up.

To learn more about Visual Sleep Timer, click here!

Introducing Tappy Tally

I built Tappy Tally for my personal use. I had recently begun learning to build iOS apps with Swift when I was asked to count attendance at worship services (200+ attendees).

I had seen others count attendance using an app on their phone so I searched the App Store for a tally app. All I could find was poorly designed or overpriced apps, at least they were more than I was willing to pay.

I decided to try my hand at building my first iOS app. After a couple weeks, I released Tappy Tally (formerly Tappy Count — tally with a tap) in July 2015.

This post signals the release of an update and a rebranding to Tappy Tally.

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